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Divorce & Family Law


Huntington Beach, California Divorce Lawyer Desiree Causey

For people experiencing divorce, solutions need to be crafted for the fair division of property and debt, raising and supporting the children, and a host of related issues.

As a divorce attorney, Ms. Causey will help you find the solution that works best for you. We prefer to help you make your own decisions through negotiated settlements and mediation, although we do handle divorce through litigation when the situation calls for it.

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Divorce Mediation Can Work for You

Non-Traditional Divorce Issues

Every family is unique. That's why, in addition to traditional issues in divorce, we handle issues that require additional knowledge of the law.

Our services include legal separation and annulments, military divorce, division of complex property and debt , recovering hidden assets, and divorce or dissolution of domestic partnerships for same-sex couples .

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We offer divorce mediation services to help couples resolve disagreements and make decisions that result in workable divorce settlement agreements. Attorney Causey is able to serve as a neutral third party for both spouses, helping people work through their thoughts and getting people to narrow the focus of their disagreements. We can reach agreements in mediation, with each party feeling comfortable with the solution.

Of course, mediation may not work for everyone. We also handle divorce negotiations, striving to obtain settlement agreements that clearly protect your rights.

We handle contested and uncontested divorce matters. As your attorney, Ms. Causey can assist with the following:

  • Marital property division: California is a community property state. Property, assets and debt are divided equally. We have extensive knowledge of property division and frequently work with professionals such as forensic accountants to recover hidden assets.
  • Child custody and visitation: We seek parenting plans that allow you to spend quality time with your children.
  • Child support: In California, child support is calculated by state guidelines. Amounts that are used in the calculation include each parent's gross income, time spent with the children, health insurance and any special financial needs of the child.
  • Spousal support: Alimony can be awarded on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Attorney fees: Most clients have questions about who pays attorney's fees. We can help you make that determination.

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