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Family Law for Same-Sex Couples

same sex family law

Huntington Beach, California Family Law Attorney
Desiree Causey

Our firm represents gay and lesbian people who are experiencing virtually every type of family law matter. We provide personalized services as we find solutions to your legal problems.

Whether you are currently married, are interested in creating a registered domestic partnership or have decided to end your relationship, we can help.

Would you like to speak with an attorney about registering a domestic partnership, adopting a child or the steps you must take to end your same-sex marriage? Call us at 714-372-2225 for a consultation. Or, e-mail us and we will be in touch with you promptly.

Protecting Your Rights

In addition to helping with domestic partnerships and traditional family law services, we are committed to helping same-sex couples protect their rights and their families in every legal way, such as:

  • Adoption services
  • Financial and medical powers of attorney — documents that allow same-sex couples to legally act on the other's behalf when necessary
  • Wills and trusts to facilitate guardianship of children and property distribution to one domestic partner upon the other's death

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Complete Legal Services for Same-Sex Couples

The Law Office of Desiree V. Causey meets the various family law needs experienced by same-sex couples. Some situations involve creating a union-such as registering a domestic partnership or ensuring your partner is included in your will.

Other situations can occur when a domestic partnership or same-sex marriage ends-such as dividing property and deciding upon custody of the children. As your lawyer, Ms. Causey can assist with the following:

For help with your domestic partnership issue, contact us today and schedule your consultation.