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Child Custody & Visitation

child custody

Huntington Beach, California Child Custody Lawyer
Desiree Causey

An agreed-upon decision between parents in child custody proceedings is often exponentially better than the best decision reached in court.

At the Law Office of Desiree V. Causey, we help parents reach parenting plan agreements through negotiation or mediation. We believe it is important for parents to be involved in the decisions affecting the care and custody of their children.

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How Is Child Custody and Visitation Decided in California?

California courts assume both parents to be equally important. The courts assume visitation will be as close to 50/50 as possible in most cases.

The courts also assume the children will be in the same house from Monday through Friday.

Taking into account these court assumptions, each parent's wishes and the children's best interest, most parents are able to come to custody arrangements.

We handle the establishment of child custody and visitation arrangements for parents going through divorce , for people ending domestic partnerships and for unmarried couples who share a child.

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Child Custody Decisions In Your Children's Best Interest

It is critical that we focus on the best interests of the children. Through court-ordered mediation, parents can seek reasonable solutions to child custody and visitation arrangements.

Often, professional evaluators will be brought in to determine the best arrangement for the kids. As your attorney, Ms. Causey will encourage you to come to a mediated settlement or negotiated agreement. We believe this is far better than a judge making this decision for you.

Modification of Child Custody and Visitation Orders

We also handle any modification issues that arise. Parents can request changes to custody and visitation because of a substantial change in circumstances.

For example, parental relocation may require a modification. The parent requesting the move will need to obtain a court order, and the non-custodial parent can contest the proposed move.

The Law Office Desiree V. Causey provides solutions to many types of parents experiencing many types of child custody situations. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.