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Chapter 7 & Medical Bills

medical bills

Have Medical Bills Left You Broke? We Can Help

Huntington Beach, California, Bankruptcy Lawyer

Along with credit card debt brought on by life's emergencies, medical bills are a leading cause of personal bankruptcies in Orange County, California and throughout the United States. If a devastating diagnosis or a medical emergency has left you at the end of your rope, you need to discuss your options with a dedicated chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

At the Law Office of Desiree Causey in Huntington Beach, we work hard to assist individuals and families who are struggling with expensive medical bills. Getting sick shouldn't cause you to lose your home or spend the rest of your life living in the shadows of debt. You can count on us to provide you with quality personal service and solutions that work for your family.

If you are struggling with medical bills call 714-372-2225 or send us an e-mail today to schedule a consultation.

You Can File for Bankruptcy

Many people don't realize they can file for bankruptcy to eliminate medical debt. But if you are struggling with debt, it is important to realize filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an option. While many doctors are understanding about their patients' financial situation, hospitals are typically more aggressive with their collections efforts, making it important to consider your options for clearing away your medical debt.

What About Your Credit Score?

You may be wondering what filing for bankruptcy over medical bills will do to your credit. If you are considering bankruptcy, your credit is probably severely damaged already. Chances are you will be better off starting fresh and rebuilding your credit.

Contact us today for a consultation with an experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.