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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Chance for a Fresh Start

Has a staggering, unplanned event thrown your life out of control? Are you struggling to cope with rising debt and bills that pile up faster than you can pay them? If so, it is in your interest to consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer about your options for achieving a fresh start.

At the Law Office of Desiree Causey in Huntington Beach, California, we help people find solutions to their debt problems. Good people throughout Orange County find themselves in tough financial situations every day. There is no shame in seeking help.

Don't spend another day worrying about your debt. For a consultation with dedicated bankruptcy attorney Desiree Causey, contact us today.

A Practical Solution to Your Debt Problems

A lot of people have misconceptions about bankruptcy and feel that filing for bankruptcy is like admitting failure. While bankruptcy is never anyone's first or ideal choice, it is not a failure. It can be the best way for you to get a fresh start and an opportunity to begin putting your finances and your life back together.

Our firm will stand by you every step of the way as you go through the bankruptcy process. It will require a hearing, but we will go with you. You may not have had control over what happened to you, but chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you with the opportunity to choose a fresh start.

We can answer all of your important questions about chapter 7 bankruptcy such as:

Speak to a Compassionate Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you're at the end of your rope, you need to discuss chapter 7 bankruptcy with a skilled attorney. Call 714-465-4851 | 866-603-0839 for a consultation.