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Back Child Support Settlements

child support

Child Support Solutions from a Huntington Beach Lawyer

Whether you simply fell behind on payments or willfully chose not to pay child support, things need to change. You child needs your love and support after a divorce, and you need to resolve your back child support issues to protect your rights. At the Law Office of Desiree Causey in Huntington Beach, California, we help parents reach child support settlements through negotiation or mediation.

Are you behind on your child support payments? We can help you get things back in order with a child support settlement. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with attorney Desiree Causey.

You Could Lose Your Driver's License

One major issue facing parents who owe back child support is the potential loss of their driver's license. If you are far behind on payments and have not negotiated a payment plan, the State of California will not hesitate to take away your driving privileges. Without a driver's license, you may lose your ability to get to work, making a difficult situation even worse.

What Can We Do For You?

Our lawyer, Desiree Causey, can help you come to a child support settlement and make sure the state is aware of your agreement. If you have been making payments, we can help you prove it so you can get your driver's license back and continue making a living.

You Can See Your Tax Return Again

If you have been behind on your child support, chances are the state has been intercepting your tax returns to collect some of what you owe. One of the best parts of getting a child support settlement in place is that you will start receiving your tax returns again.

What Is Expected of You?

You will need to make your normal child support payment each month in addition to a portion of your arrearage.

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